Renton Spine Clinic is a brand new, state-of-the-art chiropractic clinic in Renton. Our main goal is to make sure your future is as healthy as it possibly can be. What matters the most to us is that you are healthier today than you were yesterday. We strive to make sure you are in the best possible health because your future is important to us.

With that goal in mind, we have established a professional team of Chiropractic doctors and we are associated with several licensed massage therapists, a Naturopathic Doctor, and nurses in our six offices throughout the state to make sure you have the best care that you possibly can get. Our staff is caring, nurturing, and highly skilled and always there to assist you. Renton Spine Clinic is constantly searching for the products that will provide you with a long and healthy life.

We specialize in chiropractic medicine and we are skilled at providing therapy for sports related injuries. We also specialize in spinal neck decompression and the best chiropractic massage in order to alleviate neck pain and back pain.

New and existing patients may book appointments directly on the website. If you have any prior questions, feel free to use the email form or call us to discuss your upcoming treatment.